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 Gaming Plaza Guidelines & Basics. *Read it Carefully*

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PostSubject: Gaming Plaza Guidelines & Basics. *Read it Carefully*   Wed Aug 01, 2007 2:38 am

Please Read The Following Guidelines Very Carefully
By Proceeding To Post You Agree To These Guidelines And Must Obey Them At All Times
Refusal To Obey These Guidelines Will Result In The Appropriate Responsive Actions.

Forum Etiquette:

These are common sense guidelines you should follow when using the forum
Exercise cultural sensitivity - However, this is a diverse, international community, composed of both native and non-native English speakers, so be respectful of cultural differences. Do your best to give members from cultures that are unfamiliar to you the benefit of the doubt.


All information located under current site placed for private purposes and will not be downloaded, viewed or used whatsoever. So current site owner or organization hosting this site takes no responsibility for the way you will use information from this site. If you enter this site and do not agree with current terms you can not provide any treatment of our hosting ISPs, organizations or any persons storing this site information because your actions will be estimated as violation code no. 431.322.12 of the Internet Privacy Act from 1995.

Forum is not distributing commercial software. Illegal distribution of commercial software is considered to be software piracy and theft of intellectual property, and is prosecuted by all local, federal and international laws.

Current site owners have nothing to do with software security and reverse engineering programs ("cracks") linked from current website pages. All "cracks" were made by reverse engineering groups and independent reverse engineering experts, all files are freeware and may be freely distributed by anyone with or without modification. No "cracks" or illegal file(s) are hosted on this site.

Avatars & Signatures Rules!

Do not wear a signature that advertising other sites/forum only blogs are allowed.
Max size for signature is 500 pixels, height no more than 150 pixels. (500x150)
Only use one signature, No problems on Userbars or Banners.
No more than 4 lines of text.
Do not blame or make fun of members in offensively reason. (can cost you a warning or a permanent ban)
Signatures and avatars showing personal information of members are NOT allowed.
Search First:

These forums have their own powerful search system., always search first before you start a new topic or ask for any possible request to ensure there are no duplicate posts
Utilize the Search feature always to avoid the double posting of threads that are already being discussed.


This is an English language board, We encourage each and everyone to try your best to post in English so please don't make posts in other languages.

Being an active poster, not just a leecher.
Please do not use all cap letters in order to make a post
No religious or political arguments allowed

Abusive, racist, sexist or derogatory remarks towards other users will not be tolerated.
Offensive, obscene or illegal posts or links is also not allowed. spamming is not permitted
Please keep all your posts/threads on topic or as constructive as possible.

Do not use [img] tag for large images (max size:640x480/jpeg)
Many people view these images through slow network connections; try to be respectful of them
If you have a large photos that you would like to share, put it on a Web page and announce the URL instead of attaching it.

Do not quote the entire content of the message to which you are replying
Include only as much as is necessary for context
Remember that if someone wants to read the original message, they can; it is easily accessible.
A good rule of thumb is, don't include more quoted text than new text.

Do not include embedded images in your quotes or comments
Remember that this will cause the system to display the same image again
and thus affects the performance of the board.

To eliminate wide gap between the quoted post and your message, type immediately after the last
File Sharing:

Try to create and upload smaller files by splitting it, for the benefit of course of other members with slow connections
Upload your file using free file hosting website

All type of Pornography, Nudity or X-Rated Films are highly not allowed and can cause serious problems to the author
Always include all information in your post (ie file type, format, size) pictures and screenshots, if available, Topic Title's should also be descriptive.

Always add a valid link and a password ( if one exists ) Check password-links ( viruses, worms, trojans and browser hijackers ) before posting
If the file requires a password to make it work, please include them in your post or pass it through PM

Every Poster or Contributors is responsible for reviewing any and all of the content they post or reply to - Be sure you check for obvious links., please use the EDIT button instead of making double-posts

Once you have finished posting, replying or inserting an image or link to your post, please click the "Preview Post Button" always to test or to make sure it is displaying properly and orderly and if all else fails, ask for specific assistance. Please do not just "Give Up" and leave a broken image link or a loussy post.

Always "THANK" members for their contributions or appreciate their works if a post has been helpful to you, use Karma System to give or add reputation points and comment to the poster.

Stay on Topic or Start a new Thread:

Stick to the original author's question when replying. If you are straying off into a new topic, start a new thread for it.
Be the bigger person and don't reply to off topic posts.
Off topics/comments/offensive words will be deleted or locked without prior notice.

Be Patient & Be Gentle with Newbies:

Give new users some slack, don't chastise them for not reading this guideline first.
Make them feel welcome into the community
Remember, everyone was a beginner at one time! We don't want people to feel intimidated.
Some may appear on the forum before having read these guidelines
So give people a break if they don't yet know the intricacies of online etiquette.
Avoid sarcasm, it's often lost in the post and just ends up being rude.
If you don't have the patience to point them politely toward the posting guidelines
please ignore them and let somebody who does have patience answer them.
Helping out others, especially new members

Be Civil

No personal attacks.
If you have a disagreement with someone's point of view, Address the subject, not the person.
If you feel the need to flame someone, Please do it in private message/PM.
Do not feel compelled to defend your honor in public.


Please think about the comments you make and how it might affect other people
If it's not worth saying, then don't say it
If you think someone will be even MILDLY hurt or offended, then don't say it
I promise you won't miss that one post
Sensitivity is human nature, but aggression doesn't have to be.

Contact Us

If you feel you have been unjustly treated for any reason
Please feel free to contact the Moderators/Administrators (PS2ISO Staff) to discuss the issue
Do not attempt to publicly air your grievance.

Notify Administrators/Moderators Of Problems
If you feel another member is violating these guidelines in a manner that degrades forum quality for others, promptly alert the Administrators/Moderators.

Respect decisions of the PS2ISO Staff who reserves the right to edit or remove any post at any time. The determination of what is construed as indecent, vulgar, spam, etc. as noted in these points is up to the staff and not users. Their decision is final.

PS2ISO Staff team reserves the right to change this document without informing any user at all. It is your responsibility that you check this document on a regular basis.

Your adherence to these guidelines is greatly appreciated. Help keep the quality of these forums high for everyone.

Be Nice and Have Fun!
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Gaming Plaza Guidelines & Basics. *Read it Carefully*
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