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 Yugioh Season 1 (47 episodes)

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PostSubject: Yugioh Season 1 (47 episodes)   Thu Aug 02, 2007 2:40 pm

This is Yu-gi-oh the cartoon/anime series first season episodes 1-47.....
t believe the last two missing are dungeon dice monsters part 3 and 4. but here is the list.....

01.The Heart Of The Cards
02.The Gauntlet Is Thrown
03.Lourney To The Duelist Kingdom
04.Into The Hornet's Nest
05.The Ultimate Great Moth
06.First Duel
07.Attack From The Deep
08.Everything Relative
09.Duel With A Ghoul
10.Give Up The Ghost
11.The Dueling Monkey
12.Trial By Red Eyes
13.Evil Spirit Of The Ring
14.Panlk Attack
15.Winning Through Intimidation
16.The Scars Of Defeat
17.Arena Of Lost Souls Part 1
18.Arena Of Lost Souls Part 2
19.Double Trouble Duel Part 1
20.Double Trouble Duel Part 2
21.Double Trouble Duel Part 3
22.Face Off Part 1
23.Face Off Part 2
24.Face Off Part 3
25.Shining Friendship
26.Champion VS. Creator Part 1
27.Champion VS. Creator Part 2
28.The Night Before
29.Duel Identity Part 1
30.Duel Identity Part 2
31.Keith's Machination Part 1
32.Keith's Machination Part 2
33.Best Of Friends, Best Of Duelist Part 1
34.Best Of Friends, Best Of Duelist Part 2
35.Match Of The Millennium Part 1
36.Match Of The Millennium Part 2
37.Match Of The Millennium Part 3
38.Match Of The Millennium Part 4
39.Match Of The Millennium Part 5
41.The Wrath Of Rebecca
42.Ties Of Friendship
43.Legendary Heroes Part 1
44.Legendary Heroes Part 2
45.Legendary Heroes Part 3
46.Dungeon Dice Monsters Part 1
47.Dungeon Dice Monsters Part 2

Link 1. Yugioh_Season_1.part01.rar
Link 2. Yugioh_Season_1.part02.rar
Link 3. Yugioh_Season_1.part03.rar
Link 4. Yugioh_Season_1.part04.rar
Link 5. Yugioh_Season_1.part05.rar
Link 6. Yugioh_Season_1.part06.rar
Link 7. Yugioh_Season_1.part07.rar
Link 8. Yugioh_Season_1.part08.rar
Link 9. Yugioh_Season_1.part09.rar
Link 10.
Link 11.


Like i always say please reply/ hit the thanks button if i was helpful...
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Yugioh Season 1 (47 episodes)
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